Foot in blackFonnesberg’s big passion for designing unique shoes, bags and belts in Italian leather is gathered in an exclusive combination with a Scandinavian expression, where comfort and quality are essential.

Fonnesberg was founded in 1980, whereafter in 1995,  the company was restructured by the current management with a new DNA. However, maintaining the same passion for keeping all production in Italy for obtaining the best quality.

At Fonnesberg, comfort and quality are highly prioritized. A shoe should express both elegance and a sporty and feminine look. Materials should be of high quality. Furthermore, it is of importance, that the shoe is comfortable and well-fitted.


"We believe,that you can combine aesthetic look, elegance and comfort into one."


Matching accessories – bags, belts and other accessories are made in same Italian produced leather of high quality.

Every year, fashion fairs are visited. Fonnesberg’s collections are here shown matching the trends and colours of the season.

Today, Fonnesberg's shoes and accessories are sold in several of Scandinavia's leading fashion stores.

The service is utmost important at Fonnesberg. Therefore, please do contact us by phone or e-mail in order for us to guide you to your nearest retailer.